CAROL: The exercise bike powered by A.I.

Maximum results in minimum time.

Get the benefits of a 40-minute jog in 40 seconds of effort. The artificial intelligence system learns your body and automatically adapts to give you the perfect enhancement every time. With the A.I. adaptive bike, You’ll get a day’s worth of cardio in a fraction of the time! CAROL will increase, decrease or not change the resistance depending on rider performance and biometric measurements. Fine and automatic adjustments ensure that riders can exercise confidently because each session is customized to their ability.

A sudden demand for energy causes your body to rapidly burn large amounts of muscular glycogen (sugar stores) within 5-10 seconds. This signals a threat to your survival. Huge surge of other molecules upgrade you to be fitter, leaner and healthier.

The goal is to have your body adjust to rapid glycogen depletion and become more efficient at turning to another energy source once glycogen runs low. That other energy source? Fat. Therefore, after just 8 weeks of training with CAROL, you will see gains in all markers of health and fitness, from weight loss and lower blood sugar, to an increase in your power and lean muscle mass.

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